Silencio por favor

Licenciada Sotelo Cia. Silencio por favor (Silence please) This is a mutidisciplinary scenic proposal. It looks for the dialogue between the body,
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POPKALAB MBFWM 2014 Assistant

I was lucky to assist Ricardo O´Nascimento (POPKALAB) with Laura Duncker in Leandro Cano´s 083 Collection. The collection was inspired by
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Technical assistant / Lecturer / Creative coder at Arte Mutante Workshop. EducaThyssen Summer 2013. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Madrid.
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A Charanga

Charanga is music and performance, Portuguese and international, old and modern, traditional and innovative, rural and metropolitan, analogue and digital,
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Multichannel installation realized with Dionisio González for his individual exhibition "Le Corbusier: The Last Project" (PhotoEspaña 2013) at Ivory Press
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Daniel Van Lion

Visuals by Marta||Marta This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //=================
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Pirouette en Re Menor

Pirouette en Re Menor excerpts. Spectacle by Bàcum /arts escèniques i visuals. Directed by Jordi Purtí. Barcelona 2011/2012. Developed with Kinect, Synapse, Processing,
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ARCO 2013 Collaboration

Junto a LaAgencia; María Carribero y Marta Capilla desarrollamos el concepto; creación y montaje de una instalación audiovisual para mostrar
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Cash Converters Mobile - do/the/right/click™

Cash Converters. Promoción TV Web móvil. do/the/right/click™. Madrid 2012. Postproduction, video editing, sound design
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Marear la perdiz / Moving to Neocañí - do/the/right/click™

do/the/right/click™ One of 12 video pieces produced for Estado Puro restaurants corporative Website. Produced in collaboration with dommo.
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0.40 Mechanic-interactive Installation / mc12 - do/the/right/click™

0.40. do/the/right/click™. Madrid 2012 Mechanical, Arduino, Sound Analysis, Motors, LEDS, MAX/MSP
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Interactive visuals / alex warp show - do/the/right/click™

do/the/right/click™ Interactive visuals extending alex warp procedural identity.Generative audio-based Processing graphics controlled with Max/MSP and fed with tweets.
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Curtain RasGas

An interactive device based in led fiber optic textil and 3 Xbox Kinect that detects the presence of stand´s visitors
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RasGas Mapping Proposal

Mapping developed with Pilar Caballero and Lucas Ricoy to be presented in RasGas stand at the World Petroleum Congress 2011
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Projecto [´Trepia] - Monzo. Motion tracking using Kinect & Max/MSP Jitter. The projection reacts to the 3 dancer´s movements on each space. Developed
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L cura ta malu

Projecto [´Trepia] - infinitum
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Projecto [´Trepia] - Ribeirana

Projecto [´Trepia] - Ribeirana Auditorio de Cangas do Morrazo. Mayo 2011
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Bombolles/Bubbles test

* Audio analysis: with Max/ MSP/Jitter we detect the frequency, duration and volume of each note that comes out from
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Interactive Floor + Kinect

The interactive floor reacts to the pressure that trigger sound with Max/MSP; and Kinect Processing generative visualizations reacts to the
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Tinny Fugu

Flash AS3 videogame. Using Flashpunk library. Master Digital Media Design. Barcelona. 2010. Developed with Christian Arakaki & Ester Serrano
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