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Little experiment built with processing.js. Just move your cursor over the rectangle. MEOW MEOW was founded in 2013 between Madrid and
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Silencio por favor

Licenciada Sotelo Cia.Silencio por favor (Silence please) This is a mutidisciplinary scenic proposal. It looks for the dialogue between the body,
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POPKALAB MBFWM 2014 Assistant

I was lucky to assist Ricardo O´Nascimento (POPKALAB) with Laura Duncker in Leandro Cano´s 083 Collection. The collection was inspired by
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Technical assistant / Lecturer / Creative coder at Arte Mutante Workshop. EducaThyssen Summer 2013. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Madrid.
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A Charanga

Charanga is music and performance, Portuguese and international, old and modern, traditional and innovative, rural and metropolitan, analogue and digital,
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Multichannel installation realized with Dionisio González for his individual exhibition "Le Corbusier: The Last Project" (PhotoEspaña 2013) at Ivory Press
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Daniel Van Lion

Daniel Van Lion is the electronic music project of the Madrid based artist Daniel R. Mesa. Introduction to a Natural Era delves
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Pirouette en Re Menor

Pirouette en Re Menor excerpts. Spectacle by Bàcum /arts escèniques i visuals. Directed by Jordi Purtí. Barcelona 2011/2012. Developed with Kinect, Synapse, Processing,
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ARCO 2013 Collaboration

Junto a LaAgencia; María Carribero y Marta Capilla desarrollamos el concepto; creación y montaje de una instalación audiovisual para mostrar
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Cash Converters Mobile - do/the/right/click™

Cash Converters. Promoción TV Web móvil. do/the/right/click™. Madrid 2012. Postproduction, video editing, sound design
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Marear la perdiz / Moving to Neocañí - do/the/right/click™

do/the/right/click™ One of 12 video pieces produced for Estado Puro restaurants corporative Website. Produced in collaboration with dommo.
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0.40 Mechanic-interactive Installation / mc12 - do/the/right/click™

0.40. do/the/right/click™. Madrid 2012 Mechanical, Arduino, Sound Analysis, Motors, LEDS, MAX/MSP
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Interactive visuals / alex warp show - do/the/right/click™

do/the/right/click™ Interactive visuals extending alex warp procedural identity.Generative audio-based Processing graphics controlled with Max/MSP and fed with tweets.
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Curtain RasGas

An interactive device based in led fiber optic textil and 3 Xbox Kinect that detects the presence of stand´s visitors
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RasGas Mapping Proposal

Mapping developed with Pilar Caballero and Lucas Ricoy to be presented in RasGas stand at the World Petroleum Congress 2011
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Projecto [´Trepia] - Monzo. Motion tracking using Kinect & Max/MSP Jitter. The projection reacts to the 3 dancer´s movements on each space. Developed
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L cura ta malu

Projecto [´Trepia] - infinitum  
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Projecto [´Trepia] - Ribeirana

Projecto [´Trepia] - Ribeirana Auditorio de Cangas do Morrazo. Mayo 2011
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Bombolles/Bubbles test

* Audio analysis: with Max/ MSP/Jitter we detect the frequency, duration and volume of each note that comes out from
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Interactive Floor + Kinect

The interactive floor reacts to the pressure that trigger sound with Max/MSP; and Kinect Processing generative visualizations reacts to the
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Tinny Fugu

Flash AS3 videogame. Using Flashpunk library. Master Digital Media Design. Barcelona. 2010. Developed with Christian Arakaki & Ester Serrano
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