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Marta Verde Baqueiro (Pontevedra, Spain. 1985)

Fine Arts Graduate (University of Vigo), Digital Media Design Master ́s Degree (Elisava - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) and Postgraduate programme in Digital Technologies for the Stage - Integration of interactive media into theatre studies and other similar practices (IDEC- Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona).

I Develop my professional activity as live controller and interactive programmer/audiovisual content developer at diverse scenic/musical projects, in Galicia (Projecto [ ́Trepia], Licenciada Sotelo), Catalonia (Mucab Dans, Bacum Produccions), Madrid (Daniel van Lion, Julián Elvira) and Portugal (A Charanga)

I collaborate with Tecné Collective and Lighting Design Collective as junior programmer, to develop interactive and luminous solutions for architecture or artistic installations.

I also teached the Interactive Unit of the Parametric Design Course in ControlMAD Authorized Rhino Center, the Processing Unit of the Creative Electronics & Processing Programming course at Junta de Andalucía Technical School with codeFolkers(){, the Introduction to Creative Coding Workshop at Fundación Telefónica Madrid, and also at the Digital Arts One Year Course at IED Madrid, where I also am I+D+I Consultant.

I was part of do/the/right/clickTM, extra elastic design studio based in Madrid, developing and researching installations and other proposals always related with interaction/multimedia.


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